Ryft Algorithms

Ryft offers an ever-expanding library of analytics algorithms that make it fast and easy to analyze any type of data—structured, unstructured, batch and streaming.

Exact Search

When you know what you need to find, and you need to find it fast, Ryft’s exact search gets you answers at 200X or higher speeds than traditional architectures.

Levenshtein Edit Distance

If not finding the right answers plagues your analysis, Ryft’s Levenshtein searches up to a distance of 10 will find answers you did not know you had in your data.

Fuzzy Hamming Search

If your data contains misspellings, abbreviations or more, Ryft’s fuzzy Hamming searches give you more accurate and actionable insights in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the resources needed.


If you’re searching for geospatial data or for results that include a range of numbers, Ryft’s numerics algorithm finds the answers you need without queuing up dozens–or even hundreds–of queries.

Time & Date Range

When your data includes dates and times in any number of the multiple formats they are written in, Ryft’s Time & Date algorithm lets you perform content specific searches with ranging to ensure you don’t miss an answer due to inconsistent formatting.


When you need real-time insights into who is on your network and what they’re doing, Ryft’s IPv4/IPv6 algorithm lets you search and analyze log and PCAP data with IP number ranging.


If your data is global and includes global currencies, Ryft’s currency algorithm lets you find currency values using arbitrary worldwide formats with ranging.

Regular Expression

When you’re searching for a text string but are unsure of what’s included, Ryft’s Regular Expression algorithm gives you superior run-time, complex and comprehensive pattern matching to ensure you get the answers you need the moment you need them.

Ryft Connectors

Ryft's library of connectors lets you quickly and seamlessly tap into the power of heterogeneous compute resources, such as FPGA, GPU and x86 hardware, using your current business analytics applications.


Ryft's connector for ODBC and JDBC seamlessly connects the high-performance Ryft accelerators to the front-end visualization and analytics tools used by most businesses—including Microsoft Excel and Tableau. This gives you the ability to instantly analyze, understand and communicate insights that ensure business growth and success.


Ryft's native integration with Spark brings the 200X power and performance of the Ryft accelerators to Spark ecosystems while solving three of the biggest challenges facing customers trying to get faster insights from data: performance, complexity and efficiency.

AWS Run Command

Ryft's seamless integration with AWS run command enables you to perform analysis on data in the AWS Cloud along with sensitive data kept in your organization's private data center—all without having to move data on and off cloud or on-premises infrastructures.


Ryft's JSON-based RESTful API enables users to take advantage of easy-to-use HTTP requests (GET, PUT, POST and DELETE data) in order to perform fast analytics using the Ryft technology. The RESTful API is simple to use and ideal for a broad range of applications, including those for web use, for on-premise client/server applications and for cloud services deployments.

Programmatic Interfaces

Ryft's open API library enables users to execute fast, simple data analytics functions using most high-level programming languages of choice including C, C++, Java, Python, R and Scala.

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