Learn How to Streamline and Extend Elasticsearch with Ryft at Elastic{ON} 2017

We’re looking forward to attending our first Elastic{ON} conference next week! Search based analytics are a critical function for any organization, and Elasticsearch has received wide-scale adoption as one of the most popular open source tools used today. Next week, users and developers alike will converge in San Francisco to learn how to get the […] Read More

The Truth Behind FPGAs & Why Amazon Deployed Them in The Cloud

Video Webinar from AWS

Amazon’s been making waves the past few weeks after announcing that Amazon Web Services’ customers will soon have access to FPGA-based heterogeneous compute power with their new F1 instances. This new offering is a great step forward to putting the power of heterogeneous compute into the hands of everyone, but there are still several questions that […] Read More

Staying Above Water with Big Data Analytics Operational Costs

There’s no question, the holy grail of big data analytics is performance—getting actionable insights from your data in real time without time-consuming bottlenecks. Increased performance that gives fast insight for smarter business decisions also has the benefit of increasing the big data ROI, which is necessary for continued executive buy-in. To increase those returns even […] Read More

Ryft Selected as 2015 Technology Innovation Award Winner by Ventana Research for Operational Intelligence and Internet of Things

Thanks to Ventana for the show of support and recognition of Ryft’s impact on the market! The firm recently named Ryft the 2015 Technology Innovation Award winner in the Operational Intelligence and Internet of Things category. The fast and efficient Ryft ONE enables customers to detect and react to events as they happen by storing […] Read More

Ryft Nominated for HPCwire’s Reader’s Choice Awards’ Top 5 Technologies to Watch

Looking for a way to streamline and accelerate your big data analysis? The Ryft ONE is your answer, and HPCwire agrees. We’re excited to have been nominated for HPCwire’s Reader’s Choice Awards Top 5 Products/Technologies to Watch! If you’re interested in taking a look at the nomination or voting, go here: https://www.hpcwire.com/2015-hpcwire-readers-choice-awards/ The polls are […] Read More

Learning From NASA’s Big Data Problem

By now, you’ve likely seen the new images of Pluto, taken by the New Horizons spacecraft last week. Sending a man-made craft into the far reaches of our solar system would have seemed impossible a few years ago, but just last week, NASA reached Pluto to gather new insights and data. However, it didn’t happen […] Read More