Learning From NASA’s Big Data Problem

By now, you’ve likely seen the new images of Pluto, taken by the New Horizons spacecraft last week. Sending a man-made craft into the far reaches of our solar system would have seemed impossible a few years ago, but just last week, NASA reached Pluto to gather new insights and data. However, it didn’t happen […] Read More

Supercharge Big Data Success with New Analytics Architectures

Real-time analysis of a wide array of both person—and machine—made data streams is becoming integral to getting value from data. However, current infrastructures just cannot process the velocity and volume of data these streams produce. Recently, we gave the below presentation at the Enterprise HPC forum to showcase how the new Ryft ONE can simultaneously analyze […] Read More

Enterprise HPC Voters Pick Ryft to Propel Big Data Industry Forward

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Enterprise HPC attendees! At last week’s Enterprise HPC forum in Carlsbad, CA, the Ryft ONE was honored with the Most Innovative Technology Award! Attendees at the conference, which consisted of technology leaders driving high performance computing projects within their organizations, voted on what technology solution at the conference would […] Read More