Looking Beyond the Hype for True Machine Learning Performance & Efficiency

The recent hype surrounding machine learning technology has created an abundance of articles publishing about the basics of how computers learn. While many of these concepts are not new (document clustering is decades old!), it’s useful to understand the historical basics of AI before we dive into deeper algorithms. A few weeks ago, I came […] Read More

What Can Industry Learn From Public Safety?

An article in GovTech a few weeks ago caught my attention as it mirrors several of the sales and internal conversations we’ve had recently. It highlights a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire to develop predictive analytics program that helps better inform the fire department’s prioritization for building […] Read More

Uncovering Your Dark, Unstructured Data

Organizations are racing to take advantage of explosive data growth, but are they missing out on a treasure trove of dark, unstructured data? As you can imagine, the amount of raw, unstructured data is growing as fast as—if not faster than—structured data and the insights gleaned from this unexplored data could lead to huge advantages […] Read More

How Mission Critical Is Your Data?

When thinking about mission-critical activities, roles and responsibilities, titles with “finance,” “sales,” and “IT” often come to mind. Why is it that “data” doesn’t immediately come to mind as well? Information Week had an interesting article at the end of January discussing Gartner’s observation that the office of the Chief Data Officer will be seen […] Read More

Cloud Computing Growth & Deployment Considerations

The emergence of cloud computing has greatly impacted how companies manage and process big data. Cloud computing has reduced costs and made a variety of applications available to businesses, regardless of size or revenue. As the cloud continues to grow and emerges as a popular option for the development and testing of new analytics applications, […] Read More

The Era of Personalization

Who actually likes going to the doctor? I guess there are always a few exceptions to the rule, but for most people, doctors’ visits are a necessary evil. The human element of medicine is a required one—right now, nuance is still a critical part of diagnosing most conditions; however, changing innovations in the data analytics, […] Read More

Eliminating Self-Service BI Limitations With Machine Learning

According to a recent ZDNet article by Doug Henschen, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will dramatically change business intelligence and analytics in 2018 and into the foreseeable future. Previous trends in BI have revolved around self-service. New ML and AI features will help propel us past the limitations of the self-service Era. Henschen’s premise is […] Read More

FPGAs, the Next Big Machine Learning Chips

An article I read in EnterpriseTech last month—in conjunction with dozens of conversations at SC17 in November—has had me thinking a lot about fast, efficient machine learning capabilities. Many enterprises began to realize the power of machine learning in 2017, especially with hardware vendors like Nvidia capitalizing on the trend by building accelerators that are […] Read More