Gaining fast value from data is critical to winning in business, and the exponentially increasing amount of Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data has made this even more important for a successful business. IoT data loses value when it can’t be analyzed fast enough, and that means businesses need to take real-time analytics closer to the source of data at the network edge. The seemingly impossible challenges associated with edge computing are forcing organizations to rethink data search and analysis tools in an attempt to instantly extract meaningful intelligence from a broad range of diverse IoT data.

Helping companies understand these challenges and overcome them is an important goal at Ryft. This is why we’re excited to have been invited to provide a keynote address for the 2015 IoT Slam virtual conference, which brings together the world’s largest group of IoT professionals focused on the rapidly changing IoT landscape. The event will look at how companies are currently harnessing the flood of IoT data and the innovative new technologies out there to help.

Pat McGarry, our vice president of engineering, will deliver a keynote presentation entitled “Harnessing the Flood of IoT Data with Heterogeneous Computing at the Edge.” This will take a close look at how the IoT revolution is changing data analytics and driving the move of data analysis to the network edge, where the data is being created.

During the event, we will showcase the Ryft ONE converged network attached storage (NAS) and converged appliance in our virtual booth. The Ryft ONE allows organizations to fully utilize valuable IoT sensor data by eliminating time-consuming bottlenecks associated with ETL, indexing and data transport to accelerate and streamline analytics for instant insight. The 1U Ryft ONE also reduces the real estate and power requirements to a small fraction of those of conventional tools, so organizations can deploy it at the network edge, where the sensor data is being collected.

Read more about the announcement and the IoT Slam, and be sure to register to join us on December 9. Reach out to if you’d like a free pass.

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