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Thanks for the vote of confidence, Enterprise HPC attendees! At last week’s Enterprise HPC forum in Carlsbad, CA, the Ryft ONE was honored with the Most Innovative Technology Award! Attendees at the conference, which consisted of technology leaders driving high performance computing projects within their organizations, voted on what technology solution at the conference would help propel the industry forward. The Ryft ONE stood out amongst the crowd for its performance, scalability and ease-of-use, and it was selected for the honor. Could that be yet another indication that the market is hungry for more and more performance from a smaller form factor?

In recent years, the market for data analysis and high performance computing (which IDC has termed the high performance data analysis market) has grown rapidly. With a tight focus placed on getting fast answers from rapidly changing data, the big data analytics systems and the computing systems that powered them are a thing of the past. To get true value from data, organizations shouldn’t wait weeks or months to get the business answers they need, and condensing this mean time to decisions (MTTD) means creating a new class of solutions that are built from the ground up to seamlessly merge high performance computing architectures with easy-to-use data analytics software.

What attendees experienced at the Enterprise HPC forum is just that combination in the package of the Ryft ONE. Using the purpose-built hybrid FPGA/x86 compute architecture to speed data analytics performance to 100X of current solutions, the Ryft ONE is a stark departure from the x86-based architectures that slow down the data pipeline with massive bottlenecks and degrade the value of data with an extended MTTD. The Ryft ONE’s FPGA architecture is a leap forward in how HPC can and should be used in data analytics.

RAC and RAP 2

But we didn’t win the Most Innovative Solution just on the hybrid FPGA/x86 hardware alone. The open interface with the Ryft Algorithm Primitives Library abstracts away the complexity normally seen with FPGA architectures and leaves users with a simple and powerful selection of analytics primitives that they can call on using the high-level programming language of their choice. The combination of the hardware and open API together makes the Ryft ONE just what the attendees of the Enterprise HPC forum called it—the most innovative solution for HPC and data analytics.

Congratulations to the entire team here at Ryft!

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