Transforming High Performance Analytics: Eliminate Big Data Gridlock to Deliver Real-time Insights at the Edge, in the Data Center and in the Cloud

Every analyst knows that data preparation steps like ETL and indexing add significant latency to the analytics process. But until now, those steps were necessary to normalize data to speed and scale analytics. In part three of this series on transforming high performance analytics (see part 1 and part 2), we’ll show you how the […] Read More

Ryft Round-Up: Gartner Cool Vendor & Technology Trends, FPGAs, Faster Fuzzy Search, News & More

According to a recent Gartner report, more advanced platforms will be needed to enable the new world of digital business with the next-level performance, efficiency and power to process large amounts of data in a very small form factor. When it comes to latency-sensitive data-centric applications like smart retail, compliance monitoring, fraud prevention and more, […] Read More

Outsmarting Google Search: Making Fuzzy Search Fast and Easy Without Indexing

Search is easy, right? It can be, if you know exactly what you’re looking for, or if your data set is small, clean and static enough to index often. That’s not the reality for organizations competing in a global marketplace that runs on data insights. Data comes at you fast and furious, and it does […] Read More