Search is still relevant, even with AI

I was recently reading an article on InfoWorld discussing how AI is quickly capturing the imaginations of data scientists, producing a forecasted trillion dollars in revenue over the next decade.  And, while I agree that AI (specifically machine learning or deep learning) is going to be a very lucrative industry, AI does not overcome the […] Read More

What Can Industry Learn From Public Safety?

An article in GovTech a few weeks ago caught my attention as it mirrors several of the sales and internal conversations we’ve had recently. It highlights a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire to develop predictive analytics program that helps better inform the fire department’s prioritization for building […] Read More

Uncovering Your Dark, Unstructured Data

Organizations are racing to take advantage of explosive data growth, but are they missing out on a treasure trove of dark, unstructured data? As you can imagine, the amount of raw, unstructured data is growing as fast as—if not faster than—structured data and the insights gleaned from this unexplored data could lead to huge advantages […] Read More

Edge Computing Series: Top 3 Challenges to Mining Internet of Things (IoT) Data

Business growth was once about delivering quality goods and building a strong and trusted brand that inspired customer loyalty. As consumers, we had a relatively limited number of options with which to meet our needs. Today, we are all presented with a myriad of brand new enticing options for shopping, banking, seeking healthcare, hiring advisors […] Read More

On-Demand Webinar: Harness IoT Data at the Edge for Real-Time Insights

If you missed the IoT Slam in December or just wanted to review the content, this should come as good news. We’re opening up the Ryft archives from late last year to make Pat McGarry’s keynote session, “Harnessing the Flood of IoT Data with Heterogeneous Computing at the Edge,” available with no fees or registration […] Read More

2015 IoT Slam Keynote: Harnessing the Flood of IoT Data with Heterogeneous Computing at the Edge

Gaining fast value from data is critical to winning in business, and the exponentially increasing amount of Internet of Things (IoT) sensor data has made this even more important for a successful business. IoT data loses value when it can’t be analyzed fast enough, and that means businesses need to take real-time analytics closer to […] Read More

Ryft Selected as 2015 Technology Innovation Award Winner by Ventana Research for Operational Intelligence and Internet of Things

Thanks to Ventana for the show of support and recognition of Ryft’s impact on the market! The firm recently named Ryft the 2015 Technology Innovation Award winner in the Operational Intelligence and Internet of Things category. The fast and efficient Ryft ONE enables customers to detect and react to events as they happen by storing […] Read More