With the announcement of the general availability of the Amazon EC2 F1 instance, more and more companies are trying to figure out how and why FPGA-accelerated compute will fit into their data analytics ecosystem. To help provide some answers, AWS hosted a webinar last week that took a closer look at the FPGA-accelerated F1 instance, and the performance benefits users can gain by using it.

As part of the webinar, AWS shared the results of recent benchmark testing that we conducted comparing a search via Elasticsearch using Ryft Cloud on the F1 to the same search on the Amazon EC2 C4 instance. A 1TB search using the Ryft Cloud on the F1 instance only took 41 minutes and 6 seconds compared to 62 hours and 25 minutes on the EC2 C4 instance.

AWS F1 and Ryft Cloud Benchmarks
Benchmark comparison of a search via Elasticsearch on AWS EC2 C4 instance vs. Ryft Cloud on Amazon EC2 F1 instance.

Check out the full webinar here, or skip to minute 8:40 to see the Ryft benchmarks:


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