Supercharge Your Analytics Performance | Download the IDC SpotlightBig data isn’t just big anymore. Don’t get us wrong, data is growing at the cube of Moore’s Law, but at the same time, the velocity of data is rapidly increasing as well. Not only is the growth and speed of data faster than ever, but data is also becoming obsolete faster than ever. Until recently, companies were hampered in achieving true value from real-time data by bottlenecks, particularly I/O bottlenecks, inherent in traditional data analytics infrastructures. To see more about what companies require from their big data infrastructures and how they are bypassing these bottlenecks, download a copy of the recent Technology Spotlight from IDC Research.

In recent years, the market for high performance computing and the market for advanced data analytics have merged to form what IDC Research calls the high performance data analysis (HPDA) market. According to IDC Research, HPDA users require turnkey data analytics solutions that speed the overall data pipeline in order to deliver fast yet actionable insight from data. In order to achieve this, companies need solutions that drastically reduce, or eliminate, the bottlenecks from current data analytics infrastructures so they can glean valuable business insights from their data in real time.

“Even the expensive hyperscale clusters that dominate today’s HPC and enterprise IT markets cannot handle the most challenging HPDA workloads efficiently. These workloads need ultrafast communication among processing elements and between processing elements and memory. The loosely coupled, physically distributed compute-and-memory nodes of today’s high-end clusters turn daunting data analytics problems into I/O bottlenecks that can slow solution times to a crawl.”
~ Steve Conway, Earl C. Joseph, Ph.D., and Robert Sorensen

Ryft recently conducted tests to demonstrate how the new Ryft ONE eliminates those I/O bottlenecks, supercharges data analytics performance and provides the business intelligence HPDA users need. As a result, IDC compiled a technology spotlight paper that discusses the growth and needs of the HPDA market, as well as how Ryft, and the Ryft ONE, are preparing to meet those needs and grow along with the market.

“The new Ryft ONE platform takes an innovative approach to the I/O bottleneck issue. By tightly integrating compute, storage and I/O capabilities into a balanced architecture within a 1U form factor, this purpose-built, open standards-based analytics platform is designed to eliminate the need for data transport while analytics problems are running.”
~ Conway, Joseph, and Sorensen

To learn more about the HPDA market, downfalls of current solutions and how Ryft eliminates the complexity of massive-scale, real-time data analytics, download the report.

If you have complex data analytics needs, contact us to learn more about the Ryft ONE.

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