Preview: A Ryft in the MarketThe business world isn’t the same as it was 70 years ago, and the world of data certainly isn’t the same as it was 70 years ago. Video. Imaging. Social. Internet of Things. The types and speed of data are changing rapidly, so why are we relying on technology that was designed in the 1940s? The technology for big data analytics hasn’t kept pace with how quickly organizational needs are growing and evolving. New chips, heterogeneous computing architectures, open APIs, edge computing appliances and more have opened up a world of possibilities where big data analytics is concerned.

To find out more about how today’s organizations can use today’s, and tomorrow’s, technologies to get instant and valuable insights from data, check out The Bloor Group’s new white paper, “A Ryft in the Market: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Economy.”

“Data is the lifeblood that feeds enterprise analytics. Historically, much of this data has been static, and the aim of analytics was mainly to understand past behavior and patterns. But the game changed. External data sources, device data, machine-generated data and everything that comprises the Internet of Things (IoT) have had a profound impact on the way data needs to be ingested, interpreted and analyzed. The ‘way things have always been done’ will no longer work.” ~ Robin Bloor, Rebecca Jozwiak

Whether in the data center, or at the edge of the network, organizations are looking to heterogeneous systems that utilize a combination of x86, GPU and/or FPGA-based architectures to streamline and accelerate data analytics. And with the coming flood of IoT sensor data, it’s more important than ever that high-performance and high-efficiency appliances are developed to have the power to analyze not only the volume and velocity but also the vast variety of data being created continually.

“Analytics loves low latency, and enterprises will do well to accelerate their systems with a solution that, in the long run, may have the potential to supersede existing investments. Performance and ease of use have always, always been key drivers. Ryft ONE delivers on both fronts, in a dramatically innovative way.” ~ Robin Bloor, Rebecca Jozwiak

To learn more about how technology is driving change in the volume, velocity and variety of data being created, and how this data is in turn beginning to drive innovation in the big data analytics appliances, download the white paper.

And to learn more about how the fast and efficient Ryft ONE can help you derive actionable insight from your data, schedule a demo now.

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