Amazon’s been making waves the past few weeks after announcing that Amazon Web Services’ customers will soon have access to FPGA-based heterogeneous compute power with their new F1 instances. This new offering is a great step forward to putting the power of heterogeneous compute into the hands of everyone, but there are still several questions that people are asking:

  1. Why is FPGA-based heterogeneous computing so important that Amazon is beginning to offer it?
  2. When would I use an FPGA-based instance versus a GPU- or CPU-based instance?
  3. How would I use the F1 instance?

Well good news! AWS hosted a webinar last week that answers those—and more—questions. Below is the full video, which also includes a great explanation of why AWS partnered with Ryft to deliver ultra-high performance data analytics.

We’re excited to partner with AWS to help their customers tap into the power of heterogeneous compute. If you’d like to hear more about how you can use Ryft and AWS’ F1 instances to get the fast, actionable insights needed to make better business decisions, you can reach out to us here.

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