Every analyst knows that data preparation steps like ETL and indexing add significant latency to the analytics process. But until now, those steps were necessary to normalize data to speed and scale analytics.

In part three of this series on transforming high performance analytics (see part 1 and part 2), we’ll show you how the Ryft ONE eliminates bottlenecks and makes those time-consuming tasks no longer necessary. With Ryft, you can analyze massive volumes of raw, un-indexed data as well as conduct more accurate and extensive fuzzy search and matching on a variety of different data types. You can also combine different types of data stored in different tables on the fly, including XML and JSON data, and then conduct real-time fuzzy SQL operations to explore data from a variety of different sources to spot trends, identify anomalies and drive business growth.

High-Density Converged NAS and Compute Allow IT to Scale Smarter
The size of data sets today requires larger and larger commodity clusters, which results in diminishing returns. Scaling out to larger sequential compute clusters creates hardware sprawl and complexity while adding latency. That perfect storm of inefficient resource usage, poor analyst productivity, hardware sprawl, high capital costs and high recurring costs limits the ability to leverage big data to drive business impact.

A cluster of Ryft ONEs, on the other hand, streamlines and modernizes Petabyte-scale data analytics with the industry’s highest performance per Watt and smallest footprint appliance on the market. By scaling performance and storage linearly and efficiently, Ryft streamlines infrastructure while speeding complex workloads to 200+ GB/second performance. With a smaller footprint and easier-to-manage cluster, Ryft also reduces costs associated with server maintenance, energy use, rack space, top-of-rack routers and cabling.

Make Your Entire Ecosystem Faster and More Powerful—Analyze the Data You Want 100X Faster, Using the Tools You Like
The Ryft ONE is the only converged NAS and compute appliance capable of enabling real-time data analysis in place—wherever massive quantities of diverse data must be analyzed for real-time responsiveness. This no-compromises solution doesn’t force you to choose between speed and simplicity, between one tool or another. You can enable the fastest data analytics on the most complex workloads, wherever they are needed, all while simplifying implementation using existing tools. You can easily embed high performance analytics throughout your IT infrastructure now, without having to do a forklift overhaul.

The key to accelerating every element of your big data ecosystem is the Ryft ONE open API. Use this collection of powerful APIs to plug and play with BI and data visualization tools or connect to conventional analytics tools, including Apache Spark and other applications, with open connectors available on GitHub. Then begin exploring massive quantities of data instantly and without the complexity or costs associated with conventional clusters. With Ryft’s Ubuntu Linux front end and a collection of open APIs and connectors, there are no new tools to learn. It fits seamlessly into any environment for an impressive combination of an open, future-proof platform with the speed and efficiency of a purpose-built appliance.

The Ryft ONE Fits Seamlessly Into All Existing Big Data Ecosystems


Ryft Renders Big Data Relevant Now
Powered by high-speed, efficient and easy-to-use heterogeneous FPGA/x86 computing, the Ryft ONE not only speeds analysis by 100X but also boosts performance by more than 600X on the most complex analytics, like fuzzy search and matching. More importantly, because Ryft analyzes raw data instantly, it eliminates time-consuming data preparation like ETL and indexing.

The Ryft ONE Eliminates Big Data Gridlock to Deliver Real-time Insights in Time to Act


Robin Bloor of The Bloor Group said it best when he advised, “Traditional information systems will obviously benefit from Ryft ONE, but for the data center of the future, solutions like Ryft ONE will be a necessity. With edge computing, real-time decision-making is a reality. Putting analytical processing directly onto the IoT network ensures that the data becomes actionable as it is generated. Because Ryft ONE can sit on such a network, swiftly ingesting and processing streaming data, it is eminently suited to such a role. Indeed, it is hard to imagine any other technology delivering such low latency.”

Take Back Control of Your Data for Real-time, Actionable Insights
Get started eliminating big data gridlock and delivering actionable insights—whenever and wherever they are needed today. Contact us so we can discuss a free no-risk trial of the Ryft ONE, and let us show you how your business can thrive with instant insights.

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