Last week’s Strata + Hadoop World 2015 Conference offered many pleasant surprises for those of us who braved the warm sunny weather in the San Jose area. The most exciting surprise for the Ryft team was the overwhelmingly positive reception to the Ryft ONE hardware appliance sneak peek, maybe the only non-Hadoop and non-Spark hardware at this Hadoop-focused event. Unlike prior shows where the discussion centered on myriad of shiny new open source tools used to make Hadoop deliver, the focus has shifted to actual data applications, use cases and the impact of data science.

But enough about Ryft. You’ll hear all of the details about it next month. If you’d like to catch up on what you missed, several video recordings are now available on YouTube:

The US Federal Government’s first Chief Data Scientist, DJ Patil, reviewed a few of the advances in data science in recent years, with a focus on the rise of open data and current and future open government initiatives.

UC Berkeley’s Solomon Hsiang walked us through an inspirational presentation on how to use statistical analysis to illustrate the influence of climate change on conflict.

Anil Gadre spoke about impacting business as it happens by extracting value out of today’s big and fast data.

Jeffrey Heer showed us the good, bad and ugly of data visualizations, and how he applied new research in visual perception to his favorite visualization tool.

Joseph Sirosh told us about the application of data science in the dairy farming business and how they are using sensors on cows to detect when they are in heat and influence the sex of offspring.

A full roundup of these talks is available on YouTube. Look forward to sharing all of the education and excitement of the upcoming Gigaom Structure Data and Spark Summit in about a month. Send us a note if you plan on attending and would like a private demo.

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