Application Development Trends

No fooling here, just a roundup of news from various vendors including Microsoft, MapR Technologies, AtScale, MemSQL, Looker, Ryft, Dataiku and more who announced Big Data-related products this week.

Ryft announced the Ryft ONE Cluster, designed to enable organizations to implement petabyte-scale Big Data analytics by modernizing datacenter architectures. It builds on Ryft ONE, a proprietary, small-footprint box combining new-age technologies and techniques designed for speedy analytics, announced last month.

It leverages a hybrid architecture approach that weds massively parallel field-programmable gate array (FPGA) integrated circuits with x86 CPU computing resources to modernize datacenter infrastructure. This approach, combined with a business-centric open API, helps organizations streamline and speed up Big Data ecosystems while reducing costs, the company said.

“Game-changing performance, reliability and efficiency are absolutely vital to service providers that are competing to provide differentiated services to their customers,” said company CEO Des Wilson. “Ryft’s hybrid FPGA/x86 compute engine delivers the highest performance on the market and the ability to easily scale to petabyte levels, dramatically reducing the time, effort and cost of performing data-intensive tasks. Being able to do more with more types of data in a smaller hardware appliance drastically reduces the footprint of the data analytics cluster, which brings significant cost savings and operational improvements at a very competitive time.”