Technologists with decades of experience building field-programmable gate array (FPGA) systems for the federal government today unveiled a commercial FPGA offering it claims holds 100x performance advantage over Apache Spark for specific streaming analytic jobs.

By all appearances, the Ryft One looks like just another general-purpose X86 Linux server. Indeed, the 1U device sports an Ubuntu OS and Intel processor, largely for purposes of familiarity. But as you dig beyond that generic façade and into its more exotic innards, you’ll see it packs a serious punch, thanks to a hefty serving of FPGAs, twin parallel server backplanes, up to 48 TB of SSD-based storage, and custom software primitives designed to tackle specific analytic workloads.

“Think of it as a Linux server that everybody knows and understands,” says Bill Dentinger, vice president of products for Ryft, “but it acts as a high performance computer.”


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