To begin to unlock the true value of their data and reduce Mean Time to Decision (MTTD), organizations need to eliminate their big delays—and that means new approaches to Big Data analysis and entirely new processing architectures. Here, RTInsights contributor Patrick McGarry explains why investing in platforms based on FPGA technologies will be critical to future success.

The old adage “time is money” is a cliché but, in an era when transactions are measured in fractions of a second, it’s actually truer than ever before. In pharmaceuticals, bringing a new product to market just one day earlier can result in millions of dollars in additional revenue. This is even truer in markets such as financial services. Or consider time-sensitive applications such as fraud, cyber crime or national security where immediate data processing can have immense value—to the extent that lives and livelihoods can be saved.

So, if processing and analyzing today’s data today holds more value than processing today’s data tomorrow, why do companies wait days, weeks or even months to get critical business insights from their data? Because they have to.

These big delays are due to today’s technology choices that require time-consuming data preparation and complex data analysis frameworks. Businesses have had to settle for a slow status quo, which means their MTTD—the time it takes to make data-driven decisions from raw data sources—is measured in weeks or sometimes months, instead of the minutes or seconds that are required.


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