Ryft ONE Cluster: An All New High Performance Big Data Analytics Solution

Data analytics solutions provider Ryft has unveiled the Ryft ONE Cluster, which allows service providers to augment their performance as well as availability features, so as to deliver faster insights. The Ryft ONE Cluster has a hybrid FPGA/x86 compute architecture coupled with a business-centric open API that increases analytical speed up to 100X and reduces […] Read More

Ryft Debuts New Solution for Big Data Analytics

    Ryft, a provider of big data analytics solutions, has introduced the Ryft ONE Cluster, which builds on the speed and efficiency of the Ryft ONE appliance to enable service providers to improve the performance and availability capabilities their customers require in analytics. The company says the new Ryft ONE Cluster improves data analytics […] Read More

Capitalizing on IoT’s Opportunity at the Edge

We are in the midst of the biggest change to IT and business operations since the emergence of the Internet, as businesses are scrambling to mine intelligence from everything around us – cars, appliances, point-of-sales systems, surveillance systems, tablets, and more. As with any major market disruption, the IoT will enable some organizations to win, […] Read More

10 Companies and Technologies to Watch in 2016

Each year we highlight 10 companies and technologies to watch. The selection we make is from companies that have briefed us about their technology in the previous year, which means that we are reasonably familiar with their products and what they can achieve. We choose companies and technologies that are distinctive, innovative and in line […] Read More

Incorporating FPGAs into Heterogeneous Environments

The typical approach to big data analysis involves massive data centers packed with hundreds of servers and dozens of open-source tools, or costly and rigid commercial frameworks. Despite this investment in IT, organizations still can’t get the answers they need quickly enough. As data pipelines scale to accommodate more decisions about more data, they inevitably […] Read More

Ryft VP of Engineering Pat McGarry Talks Analytics and Live Music

Patrick McGarry is the Vice President of Engineering for Ryft, a top provider of high performance data search and analysis products to the world’s most sophisticated users of big data. Pat has over 20 years of experience in hardware and software engineering, computer networking, and has the unique combination of outstanding leadership skills combined with […] Read More

Trend-Setting Products for 2016

The pressure is on for organizations to react faster to changing opportunities and risks by leveraging data to improve decision making. The good news is that analytics-driven enterprises have more data than ever available for scrutiny. But the wealth of information being amassed from sources inside and outside organizations is creating a burden as well […] Read More

Start with Business Needs, then Drive High Performance Computing Architectures

In the business world, data scientists and others seeking insights from the big data deluge are looking for ways to maximize the potential of all their contemporary and high-performance computing (HPC) analytics systems. Many are trying for force-fit what they have available — in most cases CPU clusters, some augmented with smaller GPU clusters — […] Read More