ROCKVILLE, Md. — Ryft, the technology leader in the acceleration of business analytics powered by cloud, hybrid and on-premises platforms, announced the appointment of Brian Marlier, Senior Vice President of Global Architectures and Enterprise Transformation for Cisco Systems, to Ryft’s Board of Directors. Mr. Marlier leads the Cisco team responsible for selling complex technical transformations to large customers across the globe. Before assuming this role, Mr. Marlier served as Cisco’s Senior Vice President of U.S. Enterprise Sales, where he was responsible for sales of Cisco technology and services to 560 of the company’s largest customers in the United States.

“We are honored to have Brian Marlier join the board of directors,” said Ryft CEO Des Wilson. “His extensive global enterprise sales experience will accelerate Ryft’s market expansion direct to our customers and through some of the largest global software product companies and cloud providers. His experience and guidance will be instrumental as Ryft expands across enterprise customers that are operating at a scale in which traditional IT infrastructures and solutions dependent on data indexing, transformation or curation simply cannot provide the analytics speed needed to support critical decision making, compliance requirements or strategic analysis.”

Mr. Marlier’s interest in Ryft stemmed from his observation that Ryft’s 100X or more acceleration of traditional data processing speeds could fundamentally transform the dependence of global enterprises on data indexing while at the same time slash cloud-based processing costs and data center footprints across industry.

“Ryft has a unique capacity to solve the big data problem and a simple, user-friendly approach for capturing value from all of the data generated within every enterprise,” said Mr. Marlier. “I joined Ryft’s Board because I believe that technology should not hold back enterprise growth, and new cloud-based technologies like Ryft’s are the future of data-driven decisions. My aim is to help the company succeed in this very promising emerging industry.”

Prior to joining Cisco, Mr. Marlier held executive sales positions with Nortel Public Data Networks, EMASS, and Hitachi Data Systems. Mr. Marlier serves on the Board of Directors for Cyber Risk Management LLC and Focal Point Data Risk LLC.

About Ryft

Ryft unlocks the power of FPGAs for fast, simple high-performance data analytics in cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. Without requiring specialized programming skills, Ryft’s platform works seamlessly with your data ecosystem to supercharge business analytics application performance by eliminating data indexing and transformation latency. Today, industry leaders rely on Ryft to deliver fast and actionable insights from all their data.


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