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The company Ryft is bringing that concept to Big Data analytics with the Ryft ONE, a 1U platform it claims can process up to 48 terabytes of historical and streaming data at an incredible 10 gigabytes per second or faster.

The company said its secret sauce is a combination of very fast SSD, very wide I/O buses and massively parallel FPGAs. The Ryft One uses the Ryft Analytics Cortex, a massively parallel, hardware-accelerated architecture built on Xilinx FPGAs, twin parallel server backplanes with two 10 gigabit Ethernet ports and up to 48TB of SSD-based storage, plus Ubuntu Linux 14.04 and a x86 processor for the front-end.

To give you an example of the performance they are claiming, a single Ryft ONE unit can store and analyze the equivalent of the contents of Wikipedia in 4.5 seconds without any data indexing, preprocessing, tuning or partitioning, and it uses less power than a hair drier. Ryft claims its appliances can reduce server costs by reducing the need for regular x86 servers by up to 70%.


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