As the world leader in heterogeneous compute solutions, Ryft partnered with AWS to deliver to F1 users powerful yet easy-to-use data discovery with no data transformation or indexing latency

Ryft, the world’s leader in fast, simple heterogeneous compute solutions, announced it has partnered with Amazon Web Services to deliver the speed and simplicity of the Ryft ONE to AWS’ F1 customers. Ryft Virtual, a heterogeneous cloud-based version of its core Ryft ONE technology, enables AWS users to get fast, actionable insight from their data at an order of magnitude faster than is possible with current CPU-based infrastructures. With the AWS F1 instance, all organizations can now use the power of heterogeneous computing, and with Ryft Virtual, they get not only the speed but also the incredible ease of use of the Ryft ONE.

Amazon’s announcement of the new offering comes at a time when organizations are finally coming to grips with the fact that businesses must embrace heterogeneous computing to solve the problems that today’s fast and varied data create. But when FPGAs are difficult for the average data scientist to understand — let alone use — just having an FPGA-based heterogeneous cloud is not enough. This is why Ryft has partnered with AWS not only to provide the supercharged analytics that companies require but also to deliver a Ryft Virtual application that is as simple as what they currently use.

“Amazon’s decision to put FPGAs in its cloud infrastructure is a powerful step forward to putting the vast benefits of heterogeneous compute in all hands,” said Des Wilson, CEO of Ryft. “With our proven history of delivering supercharged yet easy-to-use heterogeneous compute accelerators to a broad range of customers, Ryft’s virtual instance of the Ryft ONE is a natural fit to enable AWS’ cloud customers to gain tremendous value from this new offering.”

The initial release of Ryft Virtual to the AWS marketplace in Q1 2017 leverages Elasticsearch, the world’s most popular open source search engine used in today’s websites and mobile applications and built into logging, security and analytics systems. Optimized for full-text querying across any type of data, Elasticsearch supports complex Levenshtein distance searches up to a distance of two. However, customers often require more than a distance of two in cases when there are misspellings or abbreviations, there are many permutations of the same words, or when lots of transcriptions exist in the data. To solve this, using Ryft Virtual on AWS’ F1 instance enables additional search capabilities, including:

  • Eliminating any indexing requirement, so distance values can be very large — as high as 10 or more — depending on the search string size.
  • Searching any field in Elasticsearch JSON records using Levenshtein techniques.
  • Speeding searches to many gigabytes per second due to the true hardware parallelization afforded by FPGA-accelerated heterogeneous architectures.

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