Ryft to showcase world’s fastest data analytics platform and present keynote address on real-time IoT analytics at IoT Slam 2016

Rockville, MD, April 13, 2016 — Ryft, the performance leader in data analytics, announced today that it has extended its collaboration with the Internet of Things Community as a keynote presenter and Premier Partner at the Second International 2016 IoT Slam virtual conference on April 28. Additionally, Ryft’s CMO, Pam O’Neal, joins other leading authorities as a member of the IoT Community Advisory Board.

Ryft Vice President of Engineering Pat McGarry will present a keynote address titled Preparing for the Internet of Things 50 Trillion Gigabyte Challenge. As the world marches toward the 50 trillion gigabyte IoT data level, the gap between the data that can be collected and the data that can be analyzed in time to be useful is growing wider by the day. In this keynote presentation, McGarry will provide practical insights into the unique challenges associated with IoT data and why it presents so many hurdles to conventional enterprise and cloud infrastructures. He will also cover new heterogeneous computing architectures that will become the standard in the post-Moore’s Law era, enabling companies to modernize their information infrastructure and overcome hurdles that block access to IoT insights.

Also at the event, Pat McGarry will participate in a panel session titled Monetization of IoT and How IoT Data and Analytics Play Substantial Roles in This Emerging and Disruptive Space, covering these themes:

  • Edge vs. core (cloud) storage, processing and management
  • Impact on real-time analytics and latency
  • Impact on communication networks and requirements
  • Security aspects of peer-to-peer communications
  • Direct support for mobility
  • Bandwidth demands

“Significant advances in data analytics performance, scale and infrastructure readiness are critical to enabling Internet of Things initiatives,” said Pam O’Neal, chief marketing officer at Ryft. “With the world’s fastest and most efficient data analytics platform and our active role in industry organizations such as the IoT Community, Ryft is pleased to do our part in accelerating the adoption and application of IoT in commercial environments.”

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Ryft as a core partner for the Second International IoT Slam 2016 Virtual Internet of Things conference,” said Bill Mortimer, vice president, strategic marketing at Spirent Communications and IoT Slam conference and IoT Community chairman. “Ryft has taken a leadership position in the IoT, using its heterogeneous computing platform to deliver real-time insights into IoT data at the edge and in the data center. We look forward to their lessons learned on the front lines of the IoT revolution.”

IoT Slam 2016 Registration

General admission to the event is priced at £100. To register, visit https://www.iotslam.com/register. Attendees will also benefit from receiving full access to all IoT Slam 2015 sessions.

About Ryft Systems, Inc.

Ryft is the performance leader in high-speed data analytics solutions that accelerate and streamline terabyte- to petabyte-scale data analytics ecosystems by 100X. With more than a decade of experience delivering incredibly fast data analysis solutions to government agencies, Ryft is the only company that understands how to effectively apply the combination of FPGA compute acceleration and x86 integration to a broad set of data-intensive workloads from the Internet of Things, video cameras, web logs, customer data and other sources. Industry heavyweights in retail, finance, defense and healthcare trust Ryft to power a range of real-time intelligence applications. More information is available at www.ryft.com. 

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