The Ryft ONE enables fuzzy search and matching without indexing to deliver the most accurate results 600X faster than conventional tools

Ryft, the world’s fastest data analytics platform company, announced the industry’s first real-time fuzzy search and matching solution that doesn’t require data to be transformed or indexed. Powered by Ryft’s hybrid FPGA/x86 computing architecture, near-instant fuzzy search and matching on unindexed data with a broader range of fuzzy search criteria is now a reality for the first time. With Ryft, customers can find and act on the right data 600X faster than with conventional search tools, even when only partial similarities exist between search criteria and data.

Prior to Ryft, inconsistencies in large volumes of data and slow search tool performance prevented businesses from discovering important relationships in their data. With fuzzy search accelerated by the massively parallel FPGA processing engine in Ryft products, users can now find all relevant results by instantly matching strings of characters with data that contains misspellings, abbreviations or other inconsistencies. This groundbreaking performance and functionality will advance the frontiers of data science in Internet of Things (IoT) data mining, cybersecurity, healthcare, financial compliance monitoring, image pattern matching and many more fields.

“Any search tool can match an exact query to structured data—but only after all of the data is indexed. What happens when there are variations? What if the data is unstructured and there’s no time for indexing? That’s the reality of search today,” said Des Wilson, CEO of Ryft. “Enterprises need significantly more advanced and efficient compute power to drive the performance required to unlock insights from dynamic and messy data in time to be valuable to their business. That’s why Ryft developed the first and only platform to enable faster, more accurate and actionable data search and analytics. With the power to complete fuzzy search 600X faster at scale, Ryft has opened up tremendous new possibilities for data-driven advances in every industry.”

With Ryft’s real-time fuzzy search and matching, customers can now:

  • Speed fuzzy search to find relevant matches in batch, streaming, structured and unstructured data faster than ever before. Ryft now enables fuzzy search and matching with the same groundbreaking performance seen in Ryft’s exact search analytics—all without the need for data indexing and transformation.
  • Expand search parameters beyond conventional limits to connect the dots when search criteria and data aren’t an exact match. Ryft allows users to expand both fuzzy edit distance and fuzzy hamming searches to increase accuracy and eliminate “no results found” errors.
  • Reduce infrastructure requirements and operational costs. A single 1U-size Ryft ONE delivers the processing power of many racks of commodity servers in a compact hardware footprint with high energy efficiency. It accelerates Apache Spark and other existing analytics software ecosystems while lowering operational costs by 70 percent.
  • Scale to 200+ GB/second and massive data sets. The Ryft CLUSTER scales linearly to 200+ GB/second performance and up to petabyte-scale workloads with the ease of managing a single device and with high availability.

The Ryft ONE is offered as a hosted or on-premises solution and is available as part of a no-risk trial that includes a free evaluation for qualified organizations. For more information, visit

About Ryft Systems, Inc.

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