Move over, Apache Spark and other Big Data speed kings, Ryft Systems Inc. is claiming to be the new top dog for fast analytics of huge amounts of data.

Ryft is eschewing common x86 cluster-based Big Data analytic approaches in favor of its Ryft ONE, a proprietary, small-footprint box combining new-age technologies and techniques designed for speed, and more speed.

How much speed? The company claims its Ryft Analytics Cortex (RAC) massively parallel hardware-accelerated solution can process historical and streaming data at more than 10 GB/sec. To help grasp that kind of analytical power, the company said: “A single Ryft ONE, using less power than a hair dryer, can store and analyze the equivalent of the contents of Wikipedia in 4.5 seconds, without any data indexing, preprocessing, tuning or partitioning.” Wikipedia’s English site alone is claimed to house more than 4.7 million articles.


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