At 1/100th of the footprint of conventional data centers, Ryft extracts real-time intelligence at the point of data, video or image collection without moving, indexing or ETL bottlenecks

Ryft, the performance leader for data search and analysis, today announced the company delivers high-performance big data analysis at the edge with the power of hundreds of high-speed servers in a 1U platform. The Ryft ONE is the industry’s first high-performance big data analysis solution to provide near-instant insights by storing and analyzing up to 48TB of batch and streaming data together at the point of data collection. With a 1U open platform, the Ryft ONE uses 1/100th of the footprint of a traditional data analytics cluster — operating on less power than a hairdryer — to cost-effectively bring the analysis power of an entire data center to remote offices and locations.

Organizations now have the ability to uncover insights and valuable data without waiting days or even weeks to move, transform and index the data. With the Linux front end and Ryft Open API Library, the Ryft ONE integrates with existing analytics and data visualization environments while also supporting popular programming languages such as C/C++, Java, R, Python, Scala and others.

Data that is valuable in the moment often loses all value the minute you have to spend time putting it in the cloud or transferring it to a centralized data center. Instead of taking time to move data from the point of collection to the analytics infrastructure, the Ryft ONE is deployed as an edge-computing platform to bring powerful and cost-efficient data center operations to the location that data is created. This enables super-fast and valuable analytics including:

  • Internet of Things sensor data monitoring and analysis.
  • Retail customer behavior analysis.
  • Mobile data thinning to process only what matters.
  • Compliance analysis at financial branch locations.
  • Remote monitoring and analysis of manufacturing and oil and gas operations.

“Companies can’t afford to lose business opportunities by slowing down data analysis to compensate for the transport, index or extract, transform and load bottlenecks common to data analysis today. The faster data is created, the more quickly businesses need to extract insights from it, and Ryft provides the server performance to put analysis at the edge to gain that critical insight,” said Des Wilson, CEO of Ryft. “The Ryft ONE eliminates these bottlenecks, and with the small size, easy-to-use open API and low total cost of ownership, it’s a natural fit for customers who want to build high-powered and efficient data analytics engines at the edge.”

Instead of moving data to a centralized location for analysis, Ryft stores and analyzes up to 48TB of data inside the compact Ryft ONE, the world’s first purpose-built 1U Linux server to speed data search and analysis by over 100X. This compact size and powerful performance enables companies to thin their data and perform fast, simple analysis at the point it’s created — removing the time-consuming bottlenecks inherent in transporting data to, and insights back from, a centralized data center.

Benchmarks show a single 1U Ryft ONE outperforms more than 100 AWS servers running Spark. The Ryft ONE simultaneously analyzes batch and streaming data in real time. The Ryft ONE’s size and powerful hybrid compute analytics architecture eliminates data stagnation by empowering organizations to get valuable insight from their data immediately and without the indexing and ETL bottlenecks that can take days or weeks.

About Ryft Systems, Inc.:
Ryft is the performance leader in high-speed data analytics solutions that accelerate and streamline terabyte- to petabyte-scale data analytics ecosystems by 100X. With more than a decade of experience delivering incredibly fast data analysis solutions to government agencies, Ryft is the only company that understands how to effectively apply the combination of FPGA compute acceleration and x86 integration to a broad set of data-intensive workloads from the Internet of Things, video cameras, web logs, customer data and other sources. Industry heavyweights in retail, finance, defense and healthcare trust Ryft to power a range of real-time intelligence applications.

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