About Ryft ONE+

The Ryft ONE+ accelerator uses a powerful combination of heterogeneous computing, enhanced in-memory capabilities and all-Flash storage to boost the performance of in-memory compute appliances like SAP HANA and Apache Spark. The highly efficient 2U appliance dramatically accelerates analytics and reduces the infrastructure and resource requirements to get real-time answers from your data.

Large enterprises rely upon legacy network and compute architectures that were never designed to organize, store and process data at the rate required to operate effectively in today’s global market. The Ryft ONE+ appliance eliminates all the bottlenecks that strangle conventional systems to supercharge analysis.

Ryft ONE+ Features

Ryft eliminates limitations of contemporary memory-intensive big data applications and enables you to extract intelligence from data when you need it, wherever you need it.


Fast, simple FPGA/x86-based heterogeneous compute


Ubuntu Linux front end and open API


Flexible deployment on-premise and in hybrid environments


Built-in library of data analytics algorithms


Up to 48 TB of all-Flash, secure self-encrypting SSD storage


Extensive in-memory capabilities with 512 GB to 4 TB of RAM per 2U accelerator


10GE/40GE/56G FDR Infiniband network interfaces


Real-time analytics performance with fast and easy fuzzy search without indexing


Flexible data mining interfaces to explore complex data


Encryption and decompression with no performance loss


Native integration with Apache Spark, ODBC/JDBC and more


Easy-to-manage 100+ node Ryft ONE+ cluster delivers 4.8 PB storage and 200+ GB/second throughput

Ryft ONE+ Platform

Ryft ONE+ delivers the user of memory-intensive data analytics applications the ability to quickly and easily deploy FPGA-accelerated heterogeneous compute to speed insights and reduce infrastructure and resource requirements. By seamlessly integrating with your in-memory systems as well as other data analytics applications, the Ryft ONE+ accelerator provides the power that you need without requiring any specialized knowledge.

The Ryft ONE+ is the first 2U appliance to combine:

  • Heterogeneous compute with 24 – 96 x86 cores coupled with FPGA-accelerated compute
  • Extensive in-memory capabilities with 512 GB to 4 TB of RAM
  • High-speed storage with up to 48 TB of patented Flash storage
  • Fast networking with four high-speed network ports, including 10GE/40GE/56G FDR InfiniBand
  • Ease of use with a growing library of algorithmic primitives and an open API

Offered as an on-premise or edge solution, the Ryft ONE+ can be deployed in a matter of minutes. Getting started is as easy as loading your data and executing requests via command line, programmatically or via open connectors to your own business tools.

Ryft’s Library of Analytics Algorithms

Ryft offers an ever-expanding library of algorithms—search, edit distance, numerics and more—that make it simple and fast to analyze data.

Exact Search

Search structured and unstructured data together at speeds of 15+ GB/second with no data preparation needed

Hamming Distance Search

Access the most comprehensive and accurate results instantly by broadening search distance limits beyond conventional search tool capabilities

Levenshtein Distance Search

Increase edit distance values up to 10 or more to eliminate “no results found” errors—all without data transformation or indexing

Date Search

Narrow search results by a specific date or date range—no matter the format—to get fast, accurate insights without time-consuming data preparation

Time Search

Thin data to find only results matching a specific time or range of time codes, all without extensive data indexing

IPv4/IPv6 Search

Find specific—or ranges of—IP addresses for real-time insight on who is accessing what parts of your network

Numerics Search

Find any specific number or range of numbers using arbitrary formats, including integers, decimals, scientific notation and more

& More

Ryft’s growing library of data analytics algorithms enables you to get fast, actionable insights from all of your data

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