Speed Critical Decisions with Ryft

You have data. It's social, log, image/video, geospatial, binary and more data in multiple, disparate formats. It's structured and unstructured. It’s massive and confusing, and it’s also filled with critical insights. But what you don’t have are the answers that you need, when you need them. Ryft does.

Whether it’s the latest innovations in deep learning or in real-time search and analysis, Ryft brings together comprehensive, fast analytics on structured and unstructured data simultaneously with no indexing required. Ryft delivers flexible deployment models and proven ease-of-use to help you understand and act on your data immediately for favorable business outcomes.

The Power of Ryft + Your Analytics Applications


Extend and expand the performance and functionality of search applications including the Elastic (ELK) stack.

Machine Learning

Combine video/image, text and binary data for a truly holistic view of data without time-consuming processing.

Business Intelligence

Simply enable complex fuzzy Levenshtein and Hamming searches in real time with no data preparation.


Eliminate lengthy ingest times by thinning logs to the most important records in seconds for analysis with traditional logging analysis tools.

In-Memory Database

Exponentially increase the performance of applications like SAP HANA for faster, more actionable insights.


Easily and rapidly integrate geospatial-based data sets at a fraction of current infrastructure requirements.

The Ryft Advantage

See how Ryft’s proven technology enables organizations to extend the functionality and speed the performance of your current analytics ecosystem by eliminating data preparation bottlenecks including indexing. And since no two organizations have the same infrastructure, expertise, budget or security and privacy issues, Ryft offers multiple, flexible deployment options to address any need.

Ryft Delivers Better Insights—Faster—Without a Steep Learning Curve

For over 15 years, Ryft has provided simple-to-use, accelerated analytics for the most advanced users of real-time intelligence applications. Leveraging that rich history, Ryft provides all organizations with the flexibility and speed needed to change the way they interact with data. The magic of the faster performance and enhanced features means analysis times are measured in seconds or less—not days or weeks.


Learn more about how Ryft is powering fast, simple data analytics on Amazon's EC2 F1 cloud instance to supercharge data-driven decisions.