Your business success depends on your ability to find insights and make faster, more informed decisions. Ryft specializes in delivering immediate insight from large and complex data sets—all while letting you still use the same business applications that you use today.

Ryft seamlessly integrates with any data analytics ecosystem—including your preferred business analytics applications—enabling fast, simple data analytics without any specialized knowledge required. Ryft’s flexible deployment options—cloud, hybrid and on-premises solutions—allow organizations to finally unlock the hidden value within their data.

Finally, you can get the actionable insights you need at the speed of your business.

Unlock the value of your data

The power of Ryft plus your data analytics applications gives you the power to take control of your data and make smarter, faster business decisions.


Ryft delivers more accurate and actionable insights by powering faster search-based analytics of all your data together without any data preparation. Extend and expand the performance of search applications, such as the ELK (Elasticsearch) stack, by enabling real-time analytics without any data indexing, transformation or curation.

Machine Learning

Ryft accelerates neural networks and provides integrated video/image, text and binary data for a truly holistic view of data without time-consuming processing.

Business Intelligence

Ryft extends the functionality of today's business intelligence tools by enabling users to benefit from the performance gains of heterogeneous computing while still seeing and using the same user interface they are already familiar with. Speed answers from applications including Tableau by enabling fuzzy Hamming and Levenshtein searches without any data indexing required.


Ryft searches through Terabytes of log data in just minutes to thin massive log file data to the most important records in a fraction of the time it takes other analytics tools. Eliminate lengthy indexing and transformation times to speed the detection of network intrusions and abnormalities.


Ryft delivers fast, location-specific insights with fast, easy analysis and seamless integration into tools such as Google Maps. Speed geographical search and analysis without needing extensive data preparation to get the right answers at the right time.

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