Gartner Names Ryft a Cool Vendor

According to a recent Gartner report, more advanced platforms will be needed to enable the new world of digital business with the next-level performance, efficiency and power to process large amounts of data in a very small form factor. When it comes to latency-sensitive data-centric applications like smart retail, compliance monitoring, fraud prevention and more, we believe FPGA-acceleration is the key to computing architectures of the future. Gartner recently validated the role of FPGAs by naming Ryft a Cool Vendor in DBMS for 2016 as well as naming FPGA-based systems a Top 10 Strategic Technology Trend in 2016.


Real-Time Fuzzy Search Is Now a Reality
Traditional data search typically involves lots of time wasted on guessing, hitting dead-ends and missing out on any insights gained from instances of misspelled, abbreviated or inconsistent data. With Ryft, you can now perform fuzzy searches that once took 6 hours in only 6 seconds—on any type of data without the wait for data to be indexed.
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The Future of the Data Center: Heterogeneous Computing | Dataversity
Enterprises are realizing that they can no longer get the needed performance from their existing architectures, so they’ve started to look elsewhere. The fundamental answer is a simple one: Hybrid (or Heterogeneous) Computing architectures.
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Top 15 Big Data Technologies You Should Know About | CRN
The Ryft CLUSTER has been included in CRN’s recent list of the Top 15 Big Data Technologies for modernizing and growing data analytics capabilities by increasing the power and efficiency of the Ryft ONE appliance multifold to provide 4.8 Petabytes of storage in only 2.5 racks at the edge, in the data center and in the cloud.
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