Uncovering Your Dark, Unstructured Data

Organizations are racing to take advantage of explosive data growth, but are they missing out on a treasure trove of dark, unstructured data? As you can imagine, the amount of raw, unstructured data is growing as fast as—if not faster than—structured data and the insights gleaned from this unexplored data could lead to huge advantages […] Read More

The Era of Personalization

Who actually likes going to the doctor? I guess there are always a few exceptions to the rule, but for most people, doctors’ visits are a necessary evil. The human element of medicine is a required one—right now, nuance is still a critical part of diagnosing most conditions; however, changing innovations in the data analytics, […] Read More

Ryft Round-Up: Gartner Cool Vendor & Technology Trends, FPGAs, Faster Fuzzy Search, News & More

According to a recent Gartner report, more advanced platforms will be needed to enable the new world of digital business with the next-level performance, efficiency and power to process large amounts of data in a very small form factor. When it comes to latency-sensitive data-centric applications like smart retail, compliance monitoring, fraud prevention and more, […] Read More

Modern Data Analytics: Ryft Goes Petabyte-Scale, Breaks 200 GB/second Performance

Ryft made news this week by accelerating petabyte-scale data analytics to 200+ Gigabyte/second, powered by a cluster of high efficiency Ryft appliances built on the company’s hybrid FPGA/x86 architecture. As I scanned Twitter for the news, I stumbled upon @GigaStacey’s timely repost of an article she penned way back in 2011 calling for new, more […] Read More

Staying Above Water with Big Data Analytics Operational Costs

There’s no question, the holy grail of big data analytics is performance—getting actionable insights from your data in real time without time-consuming bottlenecks. Increased performance that gives fast insight for smarter business decisions also has the benefit of increasing the big data ROI, which is necessary for continued executive buy-in. To increase those returns even […] Read More

Big Data and Accelerating Time to Insight: How to Measure and Accelerate Mean Time to Decisions to Hone Your Competitive Edge

The time value of data, like the time value of money, decays over time. A constant influx of streaming data from social feeds, sales and other sources means that what was true a week or even an hour ago isn’t necessarily true now. To truly take advantage of the value of streaming data, enterprises must […] Read More

Hadoop vs. the Hype

It feels like every time you turn around these days, someone (mainly in the media) is talking about Hadoop. How it is changing how businesses work. How Hadoop is innovating big data technologies. How everyone is using Hadoop to bolster data analytics. But is that really the case? Fortune posted an interesting article earlier this […] Read More

Learning From NASA’s Big Data Problem

By now, you’ve likely seen the new images of Pluto, taken by the New Horizons spacecraft last week. Sending a man-made craft into the far reaches of our solar system would have seemed impossible a few years ago, but just last week, NASA reached Pluto to gather new insights and data. However, it didn’t happen […] Read More

What Comes After Moore’s Law?

Last week we took at look at the demise of Moore’s Law. It’s no secret that workloads are becoming larger and more complex than ever, and the traditional x86 hardware and scaled out infrastructure cannot meet low latency, high compute and massive storage demands. In fact, as you can see in AMD’s graph below, data-driven […] Read More