Think You’re Not Mature Enough for HPDA? Think Again.

You’ve heard it before, and you’ve certainly heard it from us – data growth is exploding, and the resulting data requirements for successful analytics systems are growing right along with it. But there are still a large number of organizations that aren’t using to their advantage all the data available to them. The status quo […] Read More

Are Your Insights Real-Time or Right-Time?

We’ve spoken to a number of customers recently and have noticed that many are focused on either “real-time insights” or “right-time insights.” As data volumes and velocity grow, we should spend some time looking at the intersection of both: identifying the right-time opportunities in real-time. Unfortunately, many organizations experience barriers when it comes to gaining […] Read More

Rethinking the Data Pipeline

Historically, information systems have required their data to be pristine. Data engineers would spend hours (maybe weeks) building data transformation and cleansing pipelines to prepare data for a warehouse or database. These ETL (extract, transform, load) processes could take hours to days before insight could be gleaned from the resulting data. In today’s PaaS (Platform […] Read More

What Can Industry Learn From Public Safety?

An article in GovTech a few weeks ago caught my attention as it mirrors several of the sales and internal conversations we’ve had recently. It highlights a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon University and the City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire to develop predictive analytics program that helps better inform the fire department’s prioritization for building […] Read More

Uncovering Your Dark, Unstructured Data

Organizations are racing to take advantage of explosive data growth, but are they missing out on a treasure trove of dark, unstructured data? As you can imagine, the amount of raw, unstructured data is growing as fast as—if not faster than—structured data and the insights gleaned from this unexplored data could lead to huge advantages […] Read More

Transforming High Performance Analytics: Converged Storage and Compute Powered by FPGAs Unlocks 100X Faster Analytics

In the new era of fast data, we must free analytic performance from the prison of x86 and GPU sequential processors, which are architecturally incapable of scaling to analyze and identify trends and anomalies in massive quantities of data. Don’t get me wrong—these processors have their place, but most CPU and GPU clusters max out […] Read More