About Ryft One

The Ryft ONE heterogeneous compute accelerator eliminates data latency bottlenecks throughout any big data ecosystem. It’s the first and only accelerator to make data analytics fast and simple by combining heterogeneous FPGA/x86 compute, patented SSD-based storage, a library of analytics algorithms and an open API in an easy-to-use, 1U form factor.

The Ryft ONE Open API and Linux front-end allow the Ryft ONE to seamlessly integrate into any hybrid or on-premises environment to streamline infrastructures and speed analytics by 100X or more.

For the first time, you’ll have the speed, scalability, simplicity and security you need for real-time intelligence applications like genomic research, fraud prevention, cybersecurity and financial compliance.

Ryft ONE: Benchmarks

Competitive benchmarks prove the Ryft ONE outperforms the fastest, traditional CPU-based clusters to speed insights into massive quantities of any type or format of data with no indexing, transformation or curation required. Users also achieve 70% lower TCO (total cost of ownership) by reducing maintenance and operational costs such as energy use, rack space, top-of-rack routers, and cabling.

Hamming Search on Unstructured Data

1 TB Reddit Content (2012-2016) Hamming Distance 2

.05 hour


10.05 hours


Get the answer



Hamming Search on Structured Data

1 TB JSON Reddit Content (2012-2016) Hamming Distance 2

.38 hour


11.38 hours


Find the answer



Edit Distance Search on Unstructured Data

1 TB Genome Set For 100 Humans Edit Distance 4

1 hour


12 M hours


Find the answer



Floor Space Cost Savings

$ 20 K

Ryft ONE

$ 800 K

Leading In-Memory Competitor

Reduce Floor Space by


Power & Cooling Cost Savings

$ 20 K

Ryft ONE

$ 1 M

Leading In-Memory Competitor

Reduce Power & Cooling Costs by


Ryft ONE Features

The era of painful tradeoffs in big data is over. Ryft’s no-compromises solution doesn’t force buyers to choose between speed and simplicity or other critical objectives.


World's only heterogeneous FPGA/x86 accelerator in a 1U device


Ubuntu Linux front end and Open API


Flexible deployment in the cloud, datacenter and at the edge


Built-in Library of Data Analytics Algorithms


Up to 48 TB of all-Flash, secure self-encrypting SSD storage


1/10/40 GbE and InfiniBand network interfaces


Real-time analytics performance with without indexing, transformation or curation


Flexible data mining interfaces to explore complex data


Encryption and decompression with no performance loss


Native integration with Apache Spark, ODBC/JDBC and more


NAS protocols Including NFSv4


Easy-to-manage 100+ node Ryft CLUSTER delivers 200+ GB/second throughput


The Ryft ONE enables you to power a range of real-time intelligence applications and complex searches while taking advantage of both batch and streaming data, lower operating costs, increased revenue opportunities and better service quality.

  • Ryft Analytics Catalyst – The powerful combination of Ryft’s Open API and growing libraries of data analytics application connectors and data discovery analytics algorithms.
  • Heterogeneous FPGA/x86 Accelerator – The fastest and most powerful accelerator on the market, it leverages FPGA-accelerated heterogeneous computing, an open, easy-to-use interface and up to 48 TB of storage per device.

Today’s data centers rely on commodity CPU clusters, but high-performance data analysis often requires a mix of CPUs with more specialized GPU and FPGA-based platforms. The Ryft ONE accelerator leverages the ideal mix of compute architectures, which along with high-level software abstractions, deliver data analytics at speeds of 200X or more than current infrastructures and with a 70% lower TCO.

Ryft’s Library of Analytics Algorithms

Ryft offers an ever-expanding library of algorithms—search, edit distance, numerics and more—that make it simple and fast to analyze data.

Exact Search

Search structured and unstructured data together at speeds of 15+ GB/second with no data preparation needed

Hamming Distance Search

Access the most comprehensive and accurate results instantly by broadening search distance limits beyond conventional search tool capabilities

Levenshtein Distance Search

Increase edit distance values up to 10 or more to eliminate “no results found” errors—all without data transformation or indexing

Date Search

Narrow search results by a specific date or date range—no matter the format—to get fast, accurate insights without time-consuming data preparation

Time Search

Thin data to find only results matching a specific or range of time codes, all without extensive data indexing

IPv4/IPv6 Search

Find specific—or ranges of—IP addresses for real-time insight on who is accessing what parts of your network

Numerics Search

Find any specific or range of numbers using arbitrary formats, including integers, decimals, scientific notation, and more

& More

Ryft’s growing library of data analytics algorithms enables you to get fast, actionable insights from all of your data

Supercharge Analytics Performance

Download the IDC Technology Spotlight paper to learn more about the explosive growth in the HPDA market and how any organization can now afford HPC resources to gain valuable insights from their big data.